Maximise productivity and grow revenue with a virtual assistant

Learn how to maximize your collaboration with a VA to consistently increase revenue and get back at least 4 hours of your day.
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Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant

Delegate low-level, day-to-day tasks
Free up time to focus on high value activities

Access to additional skill sets (video editing, graphic design, etc.)

Off-load time-intensive social media management, networking and lead generation tasks

Gain consistency in your social media marketing efforts to boost results

Working with the right virtual assistant can easily be the best choice you make this year. Imagine the benefits to your business and day-to-day life. Offloading the tasks that you don’t have time for – but that are vital to growing your business – can save you hours a day in time and mental overhead PLUS you can make sure they actually get done so you can improve results and efficiency.

But you’ll only see these benefits if you make the right hire, set them up for success and know how to best manage your VA on an on-going basis.

In The Virtual Assistant Advantage, we’re sharing the strategies we use to drive highly successful business owner-virtual assistant engagements.

Key Strategies You’ll Find in the Virtual Assistant Advantage Book

Hiring a great virtual assistant requires a plan. You’re already squeezed for time – where are you going to find the time to hire someone? And train them? And grow your business? To start a successful virtual collaboration, you need a game plan and a clear ramp-up strategy. In this book, you’ll find the precise playbook we use to successfully pair business owners with virtual assistants. It’s a step-by-step approach to maximising your engagement so you can scale your business faster.

Virtual Assistant Game Plan

A framework for getting the most out of working with a remote VA.

Low-level Task Offloader

How to save 4+ hours each day by offloading 3-6 low-level/admin tasks.

Mini-Me Virtual Assistant

Train your VA to be YOU on social platforms, generating new client opportunities on your behalf.

LinkedVa Client Wins

About the Author

Carly Shortland Knows the Business of Virtual Assistants – the who, how and what of achieving success with a VA.

If you’re looking to hire an assistant, you should talk to Carly.

As the driving force behind LinkedVA, Carly Shortland has helped hire, train and pair hundreds of virtual assistants with business owners from all around the world. She has seen it all and knows what works, but more importantly, she knows what doesn’t work.

The LinkedVA approach is renowned for helping expert coaches and consultants use just one Virtual Assistant to halve their workload whilst also generating regular and consistent new client opportunities.

The strategies you’ll find in this book have been used successfully by business owners looking for more time, opportunity and freedom – while scaling their businesses fast. Don’t pay top dollar for onshore staffing services or expensive agencies when you don’t have to – and definitely don’t waste your time stuck in the constant spiral of rehiring and retraining VAs like a lot of people do, when they make common (but avoidable) mistakes.

Using offshore Virtual Assistants and our social framework, you’ll have the keys to scale your coaching or consulting business – without working 60+ hour weeks or relying on unpredictable lead sources (like referrals).

In this book, Carly will walk you through exactly how to implement the virtual assistant framework that she has used, along with the other leading coaches and consultants Linked VA works with, to get back 4 hours every day and generate consistent leads by engaging just one virtual assistant.

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