Some of our happy clients

“Why didn’t we do it sooner?!”

Mark Fisk

“Having someone along side me collaborating and assisting and supporting me is amazing, and that is exactly what my Linked VA is there for”

Natalie Wood

“We didn’t expect it to be such a personalised system”

Grant Goodwood

“The structure that Linked VA gave me was quite simple, and very smooth and easy”

Mark Horwood

“Our VA has been able to not just support me, but the entire business!”

Gary Blair

“Nothing to lose and everything to gain”

Julian Khursigara

“To be able to allocate tasks to a VA, has freed me up to focus on the business”

Anthony Gray

“I don’t know if there is anything that he hasn’t done for us!”

Gary De Hart

“I’ve been able to get sales without having to put all the work that I was putting in before.”

Carmen S.

Dont stop yourself! Spend your time better.

Maja L.

“[My VA has saved me] maybe ten or so hours, maybe even more!”

Sally-Anne K.

“It’s been one of the best decisions for our company. It’s freed up time for us to do higher-level thinking.”

Caterina R.

It’s all been 100% positive – usually with the word EXCELLENT involved somewhere.

Leigh E.

“Having a VA has allowed me to elevate my thinking- and that’s actually been a big shift for me”


“She’s [VA] actually helping us move the business forward.”

James D.

“My VA has saved me countless numbers of hours each week!”


“It’s phenomenal what he’s been able to do to multiply my time.”

Stan E.

Linked VA not only looks after the business owner, I love their values and they look after the VA as well

Cherry F.

We’ve been able to be consistent with our LinkedIn Outreach where previously we were consistently inconsistent

Stephen W.

“After having a VA, I have my first day off. Like a real day off!”

Kate G.

“I was able to close a deal from our sales prospect that my VA identified for me.”

Joanna I.

“The results on that (the first) day, were such that I was actually able to pump out two proposals that normally I probably would have been doing at 9pm at night … so it made a material difference from the get-go.”

Tim H.

“It was a real pleasure to actually get it right the first time (with Linked VA)”

Leisa Q.

“My VA certainly has made a difference. She would help out with things which were left behind.”

-Dharmin D.

“They (LinkedVA) work very hard to understand the problems that you’re facing and what particular skill set you need to fit your team”

Ian B.

“The blueprint you provided me with was really helpful – saved me a whole lot of time.”

Melna J.

“Take the risk because it’s already paying off (for us) big time!”

Kate N.

“With my VA, I was able to really focus on the strategy and concepts that I needed to do and rework them.”

Sesen T.

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