The Best Virtual Assistant Experience

Our goal is to create an experience that’s better than anything else you’ve ever experienced with a VA agency. It’s not just about the tasks or projects they complete — it’s about how we all work together to help your business grow.

We use 6 pillars to create this experience:

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

First and foremost, you will work one-on-one with your Virtual Assistant. You will have a direct line of communication, and they will be assigned exclusively to you. This means that they are not going to be helping other people with their tasks during their time working for you.

Your Virtual Assistant will be working full-time in an exclusive capacity on your behalf. This means that they will be able to focus on one task at a time, which allows them to get it done more quickly and efficiently than they could if they were trying to juggle multiple projects at once.

Your Virtual Assistant will spend 40 hours per week working for you. This is usually a good amount of time for them to accomplish all of the tasks that are assigned to them without feeling overwhelmed or overworked.


We have a very low failure rate in pairing virtual assistants with busy business owners. We have a process that makes sure only the most capable, reliable and motivated individuals get through to the training program.

  • Test, recruit and interview candidates
    • English testing
    • Comprehension testing
  • Capable and reliable equipment and work space
  • Less than 1% of virtual assistant candidates are invited to join our training

Training & Testing

We offer a 3 week training period for all new Virtual Assistants. This gives us time to assess their skill set, work ethic and fit with our team. During this time, they are required to complete a variety of tasks that will help us determine if they are the right person for the job. Our training program includes:

  • Organic outreach/lead generation on social platforms
  • Create and repurpose content to expand reach and increase engagement
  • Maximize their time and efficiently manage remote work

We’ve found that this approach is much more effective than just hiring the candidate who looks great on paper. We want to make sure we have a long-term relationship with our team members and that they are able to grow with our business as it expands over time. Only 30% of virtual assistant candidates graduate our training program to become full-time VAs.

Client Consulting & Support

We work with you from the very beginning of your collaboration. To kick things off on the right foot, you’ll work with an outsourcing consultant during the on-boarding process. This includes a set-up session, a VA Success Planning session and custom blueprints to create a personalized activity plan for your new virtual assistant.

VA Support

You and your VA will benefit from the full range of support and team benefits we offer, including:

  • Team leaders
  • Ongoing training
  • Monthly upskilling
  • Time tracking
  • Resource room
  • Trained relievers if your VA is out sick

Culture, HR & Payroll

We’re able to engage high-performing virtual assistants with our unique and supportive team culture. Unlike other agencies, we provide our VA teams with additional remote office ‘perks’ that promote engagement and community. Team-building days, holiday/birthday celebrations, and team contests and events are an appreciated and valuable part of our remote culture.

As part of our full-service offering, we also provide human resources coaching and retention services. In addition to employment legalities and contracts, you have the benefit of our HR software and systems, and payroll processing.