Want to add a fully white-labelled virtual assistant (VA) service to your coaching business? 

Offer your clients and community specialist VAs under your brand so they can grow further, faster and you can add an additional revenue stream – without doing any of the work!


WE set up everything needed to run the service under your branding – landing pages, emails, marketing material, sales personnel, customer service etc.

YOU provide the introduction to your community/clients (with our guidance so you can maximise interest).

WE represent you as “your team” to provide the sales system and convert new clients.

WE take care of all client onboarding, recruitment, contracts, support, VA training to get clients fully prepared for their VA.

YOUR CLIENT has their time freed up so they can focus on their higher dollar-productive work, that enables them to scale FASTER!

WE provide ongoing world-class support, manage team payroll, ongoing HR and performance management to ensure a seamless service and continued client success.

YOU generate additional revenue, increase retention (with more in-house services) and increase client results.

Ready to become a partner?