5 Instagram Activities You Should Outsource to a VA

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Outsourcing Instagram activities to a virtual assistant is one of the smartest business moves you can make. Social media platforms are notoriously time-consuming – but if you’re using them for business, it’s even more difficult to know when to say when. It’s not easy to focus on professional tasks when you’ve got the chatter of your personal life mixed in.

If you want the most value for time spent on social media for your business, you should outsource your tasks to a VA so you’ll know they’ll get done efficiently. 

Here are my recommendations for the top social tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant, so you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business. 

Top 5 Instagram Tasks to Outsource 

✅ 1. Identifying and connecting with your target market

A reliable way to grow your following on Instagram is by following other people and actively engaging with them. A virtual assistant can spend more time connecting with people who actually fit your target market and nurture them to increase your follow-back rate.

Give your VA instructions around how to find your target market and give them a set daily KPI. For example, your ask to your VA could be: my target market is people who follow fitness models, or use certain hashtags such as #fitness or #workout, and I want you to follow 100 new profiles per day.

✅ 2. Liking and commenting on social posts 

As you follow more and more people, some of them will follow you back. To increase your follow-back rate, you can also have your VA like and comment on recent photos that your target has posted. This will fill their notifications with your profile name and photo, which is going to make them notice you – and more likely to follow you back.

Once they’re following you, it’s important to consistently engage with them. The benefit of this is that they will continue to see your name and also feel a relationship building. When the potential need arises for your services, they will think of you.

Having a full-time assistant focused on Instagram means they can be dedicated to engaging with, or nurturing, your followers, increasing engagement and the leads that will come with it.

✅ 3. DM your followers

Another way to increase the effectiveness of Instagram for lead generation and relationship nurturing is by direct messaging, or DM-ing, other users. Your VA can be sending a hello to any new followers, starting conversations and following your scripts to generate more leads, appointments and sales.

✅ 4. Create engaging social content 

Being regular and consistent with your social posts grows your audience – and your engagement rates. But creating content consistently is really time-consuming. You can task your assistant with brainstorming new social post ideas, or repurposing existing content to create new assets like Instagram Stories or photo posts. 

✅ 5. Research hashtags and keywords

To increase engagement and your follower count, your VA can spend time researching relevant hashtags and keywords to use. This ensures you are reaching as many of the right kind of people as possible!

There are tons of activities that a Virtual Assistant can help with that go far beyond social media management. But if you’re new to working with a VA and you’re looking for a place to start, these Instagram activities will give you an opportunity to build a successful collaboration – while growing your social profile. 

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