15 Roles to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

There is really no limit to what you can outsource to a virtual assistant but I talk to people everyday who want to free up some time and hire a VA. Yet, they just aren’t quite sure what tasks or positions they can outsource and what they can’t. Now, I’m not a fan of limiting capability. If you find a VA with the right attitude and smarts to learn new tasks, there is no need to limit them or yourself. This article is intended as a way to get ideas flowing and open your eyes up to what is possible when you’re considering outsourcing a role in your company. 

Top 15 job positions that can be out-sourced to a virtual assistant 

1. General Administrative Virtual Assistants

These VAs manage your typical day-to-day admin tasks, monitor your email/calendar, onboard new clients, take calls, etc.

2. Social Media Virtual Assistants

To you in managing your social media accounts. These VAs can support increasing engagement, sharing and scheduling blog or social content, generating leads, etc.

3. Copywriter

A virtual assistant with strong English-language skills can create written content for you, for blogs, guest posts, social posts and even photo captions and video scripts.

4. Graphic Designer

Hire a VA with graphic design skills to create company branding assets, update social media profiles, make branded social images and more. 

5. Web Developer

A virtual assistant who can manage and update your website, as well as addressing any other web related tasks. Development requires very specific skills, so having an understanding of your website’s ‘tech stack’ will ensure that you hire the right developer. 

6. Software Developer

If you work in software or digital apps, etc. An outsourced software developer can help with creation of these products and ongoing management.

7. Accountant

There are many fully qualified CPAs offering very affordable accounting assistance.

8. Bookkeeper

As above, a bookkeeper is a great role to outsource as they can manage the repetitive work of an Accounts team.

9. Project Manager

A project management VA would help oversee the implementation of new strategies, or help you service clients in overseeing client projects and ensuring everything is done to time and budget targets.

10. Estimator

For those working in a field which requires providing estimates or quotes, this is a great thing to outsource to a VA. They can look after the major work in generating numbers and save you a hours of time. 

11. Customer Service

Whether customer service is provided by phone or chat, there are many experienced VAs with these skills who can help answer questions, provide support and handle/escalate complaints.

12. Outbound Appointment Setter

A VA who does very simple calling to generate interest and appointments for your Sales team to close.

13. Transcriber

Someone who can transcribe your meetings or client notes and save them to your CRM tool.

14. Video Editor

If you have a large amount of videos requiring editing or are a video editor yourself, engaging an outsourced VA is a great way to affordably outsource some of the work – so you can take on more of it and make more money.

15. Research Assistant

This VA would help with all sorts of research – whether it’s gathering market data, content inspiration or competitor insights, etc. Research is tedious work and outsourcing this to a VA is a perfect way to have someone committed to doing  it… affordably.

That is just the very start of it, but hopefully this has given you some inspiration and ideas behind outsourcing – and how you’ll benefit from handing over one of these roles to a VA.

Happy outsourcing!

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