Ready to level up your business with a virtual assistant?

We supply business owners with pre-trained virtual assistants for social media outreach and
organic lead generation.

Ready to level up your business with a virtual assistant?

Being pre-trained means your VA is in the best position to start implementing your social media
campaigns to generate leads and book appointments from day 1.

Ready to level up your business with a virtual assistant?

With our Virtual Assistant Services, you have:

More Time More Opportunity More Freedom

How does it work?

How does a dedicated virtual assistant help your business?

Hear what LinkedVA clients have to say.

Hiring a LinkedVA Virtual Assistant

We’re the project manager for your virtual assistant hiring process.

  • Recruiting, training and placing virtual assistants with clients to generate leads and book appointments through organic social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Helping with the repetitive, day-to-day tasks that steal your time, like admin, phone calls, customer support, and data entry. So you can focus on high-value activities that grow your business. 
  • Managing recruitment, training processes, HR and payroll requirements. Have a cost-effective, full-time resource in your business – without the hurdles (and costs) of hiring a regular employee.

What is your virtual assistant pre-trained for?

Before working with you, your virtual assistant will undergo an intensive 3-week live training with our team where they will learn how to:

  • Implement and maximise organic lead generation campaigns on social platforms
  • Build a community of your ideal target audience engage with your social following
  • Generate interest, leads and book appointments with your social connections
  • Manage responses and customise your messaging to best flow with a conversation, maximising your conversions.
  • Create and repurpose content to help you expand your reach and increase engagement
  • Maximise their time and efficiently manage remote work

Your virtual assistant will work with you directly so you can personalise their activities. This ensures the best fit with your existing marketing and sales processes.

What else can your virtual assistant help with?

We will match you with a remote assistant  to fulfil any other requirements you have. Some popular tasks our clients outsource include:

Social media management
Day-to-day admin tasks
Email and calendar management
CRM management
Content creation
Video editing and graphic design
Website updates and blog publishing
Research and Data entry

+ Any other day-to-day tasks you need to outsource

How can a virtual assistant help your business?

Engaging a virtual assistant in your business allows you to level up and scale your business – when done right.

Working with Linked VA means you get decades of experience behind you, helping you set up the right systems and maximising your virtual assistant to guarantee success.

What does that look like?

  • A dedicated, exclusive full-time virtual assistant working with you directly
  • An Australian-based Client Success Manager to ensure you have the admin support you’re looking for 
  • Facilitate set-up and handover calls with your virtual assistant to get you off on the right foot
  • Consistent and regular check-in sessions to ensure ongoing success
  • All HR and payroll requirements managed for you
  • Access to client resources, including a strategic activity blueprint so you can optimise your VA instructions.

LinkedVA Client Wins

Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a freelance worker, also called an independent contractor, that typically provides administrative and executive support functions. They handle day-to-day tasks like responding to emails and phone inquiries, managing a calendar/meeting schedule, or making travel arrangements. Working remotely, a virtual assistant can manage all of the tasks you’d expect to be performed by an in-office assistant.

What services can a Linked virtual assistant offer?

In addition to providing administrative and executive support, LinkedVA team members are trained in the specific tasks your small business needs help with most. For many of our clients, LinkedVA assistants also manage social media conversations, particularly when those channels are used for lead generation, and manage customer management systems. Our team is also able to handle video editing, graphic design and other tasks that require a higher level of ability than most virtual assistant agencies will offer.

When you outsource your virtual assistant hire to Linked VA, you have access to highly-trained, professional support that delivers incredible results. We provide every LinkedVA virtual assistant with on-going training and oversight, so they have the knowledge and skill set needed to complete almost any task.

How much does a virtual assistant cost?

The short answer: less than you’d think it would. And far less than hiring an in-house personal assistant yourself. LinkedVA manages all hiring and training processes, and manages HR and payroll so you can focus on other aspects of your business. For a custom quote, fill out our Game Plan form and let us know what you need help with.

Ready to get more time, money and freedom in business?